Oct 3, 2014

Monthly Planning

Monthly Planning

I'm sure you find this as no surprise, but I plan out my month as much as I can before it gets here.  I usually plan the coming month the weekend before the month starts.  I get that I cannot plan everything, but I try and plan as much as I can because it helps me not have to focus on it everyday or every week.  I also get more done if I have it planned.

Here is what I plan out for the month:
  • Activities that I will do with Hannelore-I mainly follow the routine I talked about in this post.  I stick to that routine unless there is an event that we want to go to instead.  Then I will switch things around a bit. 
  • Play dates with Hannelore's friends-this is talked about in the post above as well
  • Menu for the month - read all about my menu planning process here
  • Dates with my husband and babysitters for those dates - We go on weekly dates.  I try and utilize family members when we go on dates, but sometimes they are younger girls that I know that I trust.  Read more about my date nights here and here
  • Random acts of kindness for my husband - I take ideas from the "Love Calendar" on The Dating Divas website 
  • Any other big event that might be coming up

For the first few months that I planned a month in advance I was overwhelmed, but now I have my groove down and I can knock a whole month out in an hour or less!  That is for a whole month.  Then I do not have to think about it for another month.  I love it!

To download the checklist I use to plan out my month click the image below, enter your email (Don't worry you won't get a bunch of emails.  This will just keep you informed of anything new happening here at Shambray.com), and it will automatically send you an email to download your printable whenever is convenient.

Get a free printable to begin monthly planning.

Check out more ways I like to be organized:


Unknown said...

I found this post by visiting the Frugal Friday Link Up Party. Planning is hard when you have a free spirit. I love your tips though! Thanks for sharing!

Shambray said...

I WISH I had more of a free spirit! I try.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I plan once a month, too, but it's more carpools, workouts, and karate classes. I wish I did date nights. Maybe that needs to change for me.


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