Dec 13, 2014

West Elm Knock Off Glitter Star Garland

I am so excited to share this very cute and quick project.  You could get it done in an hour or less and have a fun garland to add to your decor.  It isn't red and white so you could have it last through the winter.  I also think it would be so cute to do snowflakes out of the glitter paper and make it into a garland for winter.  

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Supplies needed:
-Linen thread (thin jute twine)
-Cricut or other die cutting machine (or star punch) - you could also trace stars and hand cut them out 

1.  Cut out the stars.  You can make them any size that you want.  The ones I cut were 1.5 inches.

2.  Cut your linen thread to the desired length.  I made mine 6 feet.
3.  Punch a tiny 1/16" circle in one of the points.

4.  Thread some of the extra thread through the circle punch and then tie it to the pre-cut piece of linen thread.  After tying it cut the extra thread about 1/4-1/2 an inch from the knot.

5.  Continue step 4 done the length of the thread.  You can choose how close or far apart you want to make them.  Mine were 2-2.5 inches apart.  I had 23 on the garland at the end.  I left 6-8 inches on the ends without any stars.

6.  After you tie them all on then I put a tiny dot of super glue in the knot to secure it in place.  Once dry I cut the longer pieces of string pretty close to the knot.

West Elm Knock Off Glitter Star Garland

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Ann said...

I'm a BIG fan of West Elm, so this tutorial is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing.

Shambray said...

Me too! So I thought it was perfect.

Unknown said...

I am stopping in from the Frugal Friday Link Up. This is cute. You could make one with hearts for Valentines day. :)

Kendra | said...

Totally gorgeous Shambray! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Your Turn To Shine! :) And happy new year to you! :)
Kendra @

Laxmi Rai said...

Excellent post. i like it, Thanks for sharing.

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goldyyy said...

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