Feb 27, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Canvas

Do you like decorating for St. Patrick's day?  I do, because I like decorating for any holiday.  It makes my house feel festive and fun.  I do not go over board because it is so close to Easter, but I still put decorations up.  

This year I added one more decoration item.  Remember my post about my Valentine's Day decorations?  Well for one of the decorations I made a Valentines day canvas.  It was so easy that I thought I would make one for St Patrick's day.  

I followed the same steps, but instead of painting the stripes black I painted them gold.  I LOVE gold these days so I knew I wanted gold on there.  Then instead of a red heart with red washi tape I used a green shamrock with green washi tape.  I switched up the words on the bottom too.  Also, I let the words bleed a little on the bottom.  I did not do that for the Valentines Day one.  (I wanted a different look for this one.)

It was so simple and I love the combination of green and gold.  Perfect for St Patrick's Day!  I will add this to my other items and spice of the space a bit.  

Another VERY QUICK decor item I do every St Patrick's Day is put split green peas in a vase and place a white candle on top of the peas (same vase and candle that I used in the post above with conversation hearts).  I love it because it adds something else and costs so little and takes such little time.  That is my kind of decorating when life is crazy.  

This year I am going to do some fun things for my daughter.  She loves anything out of the ordinary so it doesn't take much.  Here are my plans for this year:
  • Giving her Lucky Charms to eat on St. Patrick's Day (she loves them, but we hardly ever give them to her so it will be a treat)
  • Set a leprechaun trap
  • Leave green treasures and gold coins in her shoes
  • Give her a green bubble bath (she LOVES bubble baths) 

Do you have any fun St. Patrick's day decorations?  Do you have any fun St. Patrick's day traditions? 

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Made In a Day said...

Hey Shambray!
Stopping by to let you know I will be featuring your Canvas Art tomorrow on the Blog for Sta Patrick's Day! Thanks so much for pinning to the P3 Party Board!

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