Feb 27, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Canvas

Do you like decorating for St. Patrick's day?  I do, because I like decorating for any holiday.  It makes my house feel festive and fun.  I do not go over board because it is so close to Easter, but I still put decorations up.  

This year I added one more decoration item.  Remember my post about my Valentine's Day decorations?  Well for one of the decorations I made a Valentines day canvas.  It was so easy that I thought I would make one for St Patrick's day.  

I followed the same steps, but instead of painting the stripes black I painted them gold.  I LOVE gold these days so I knew I wanted gold on there.  Then instead of a red heart with red washi tape I used a green shamrock with green washi tape.  I switched up the words on the bottom too.  Also, I let the words bleed a little on the bottom.  I did not do that for the Valentines Day one.  (I wanted a different look for this one.)

It was so simple and I love the combination of green and gold.  Perfect for St Patrick's Day!  I will add this to my other items and spice of the space a bit.  

Another VERY QUICK decor item I do every St Patrick's Day is put split green peas in a vase and place a white candle on top of the peas (same vase and candle that I used in the post above with conversation hearts).  I love it because it adds something else and costs so little and takes such little time.  That is my kind of decorating when life is crazy.  

This year I am going to do some fun things for my daughter.  She loves anything out of the ordinary so it doesn't take much.  Here are my plans for this year:
  • Giving her Lucky Charms to eat on St. Patrick's Day (she loves them, but we hardly ever give them to her so it will be a treat)
  • Set a leprechaun trap
  • Leave green treasures and gold coins in her shoes
  • Give her a green bubble bath (she LOVES bubble baths) 
St. Patrick's Day Canvas DIY craft

Do you have any fun St. Patrick's day decorations?  Do you have any fun St. Patrick's day traditions? 

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Unknown said...

Hey Shambray!
Stopping by to let you know I will be featuring your Canvas Art tomorrow on the Blog for Sta Patrick's Day! Thanks so much for pinning to the P3 Party Board!

Alina said...

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