Apr 3, 2015

Family Home Evening: April 2015

family, toddlers

Once again, here is my disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This post is about my faith.  If that makes you uncomfortable then please stop reading.  It is not my intention to make my readers feel awkward in any way.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am very proud of that part of me and I love the church with all my heart.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the family is key.  Every Monday night is devoted toward "Family Home Evening".  It is a time to spend time with the family so individuals can grow together as a family as well as closer to our Savior.  I try and do something spiritual every week, although, some weeks it will be spent with the family in a more casual setting.

Hannelore is still really young so our Family Home Evenings are quite short.  They also need to be fun in order for her to want to do it and to actually learn something.

Every Family Home Evening we do a song, prayer, a lesson type thing, and of course a treat (we usually go get ice cream, but sometimes do another treat).  I am sharing what I will be doing this month for Family Home Evening.  They are really simple and to the point, but she loves everything I do (so far).

family, toddlers

April 6th-The Holy Ghost Helps Me

Beforehand print off this download and cut out the images.  Place pictures from the download in a bag along with a picture of Christ.  

For the activity I am going to have Hannelore pick out a picture and then explain what that picture has to do with the Holy Ghost.   

Examples, but not limited to these suggestions:

Gift/Present- Explain that after we are baptized we get a wonderful gift- The Gift of the Holy Ghost.
Mouth- The Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice
Ears- we need to pay attention and listen for the Holy Ghost
Flashlight- the Holy Ghost will help us choose the right and light our way 
Blanket- The Holy Ghost will comfort us when we are sad
Heart- Heavenly Father loves us and that is why He gave us the Holy Ghost

Happy Face- We are happy when we listen to the Holy Ghost

Sad Face-We are sad when we don't listen to the Holy Ghost
Picture of Christ- the Holy Ghost will help us to remember Jesus.

This lesson is inspired from Sugardoodle

April 13th-Jesus Christ Created the World for Me

This day will be quite easy, but I know she will love it and learn something.  All I am doing for this lesson is watching a short video called Who is Jesus?  I will then give some of my thoughts and let Hannelore give hers.  

April 20th-Sunday is a day to remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

Song suggestion-Saturday

Story/Lesson-Sammy's Sabbath Dilemma  (see I told you I do short and simple)

April 27th-I have a body like Heavenly Father's

Song suggestions-Doing as I'm doing
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (we all know this one, right?)

I am doing those 3 songs because Hannelore loves songs and singing.  You can do all three or just pick one.  

Beforehand I will have printed off the girl version of this printable and read it to her and let her color it.  

I hope you can spend time with your family on Mondays as well.  It is such a special evening each week for our little family.  I love this time together.

family, toddlers

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Ann said...

I love this! Several years back my mom gave me a plastic bin full of little trinkets with a folder full of lessons that went along with each trinket. To this day, our FHE consists of the kiddos choosing an item and we read the lesson together. It's been wonderful! The kids LOVE it!!! I'm all about keeping things simple and kid friendly. Thanks for the awesome post! I can't wait to add this to our Monday nights.

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