May 19, 2015

A Frozen Birthday Party for a 3 year old

 Anna, Olaf, food, Sven, sandwiches

My daughter had her third birthday party last month.  In January I started asking her what kind of party she wanted.  She kept saying Frozen.  I kept giving her other suggestions.  I know I am a bad mom.  I just felt like the Frozen thing had been done too much and I wanted to do something different.  Then I realized it was not about me.  She wanted a Frozen birthday party and a Frozen birthday party she was going to get.  

Invitation, invite, Anna, Elsa

We sent out the invitations three weeks before her party.  This time frame seems to work best for me.  It is not too soon, but not too late.  That way guests can plan on it, but they will not forget.  I got the invitation from a template, so very simple.  This year I did not do as much as I usually do because of the whole pregnancy and sickness.

Olaf, snowman, marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, tictac

I also used a printable for the party favors.  I told you I made it easy on myself.  I wanted it to be cute, but knew I couldn't do everything myself.  So I utilized other people's talents.  These party favors were so easy to put together.  I used bags from Stampin Up and placed the marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, and an orange tictac in the bag and stapled the cute printable on the top.  EASY!

I started putting up the decor about a week early.  Anything that could be done before hand was done early.  This way I didn't tire myself out too much.  

Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Christoph, decorations, let it go, banner

This chalkboard was one of the first things to go up.  The poster was from Joann.  I got it for an amazing price so I didn't pass it up.  My husband gets all the credit for the writing.  Once again the banner is a printable.  This was the backdrop for our food table.  

Happy Birthday, banner, printable,

The "Happy Birthday" banner was another printable.  

photo backdrop, Olaf, snowflakes

Olaf, photo backdrop, snowflakes

snowflakes, photo backdrop, Olaf

The photo backdrop was another part that went up early.  I cut out the snowflakes with my Cricut and attached them to a blue plastic tablecloth.  The Olaf poster was lent to me by a friend.

3, wreath, winter, snowflakes

This wreath is a winter wreath I made years ago.  I decided to take it out for this party since it seemed to go perfectly with the Frozen theme.  I did add the "3", which again was a printable.

tulle, decorations

The tulle was something else I could do before hand.  It went from the center of the room to all areas of the room and draped down the walls.  It was a fun touch.

cake, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, happy birthday, snowflakes

I was going to add figurines to the top of the cake to give it more dimension, but Hannelore really wanted these candles and I decided to do one or the other.  I kind of wish I would have done figurines.  I guess you have to have one regret, right?  It still turned out really cute.  

cupcakes, snowflakes, candles

If I haven't mentioned lately I gained a new sister right around this birthday party.  My brother got married exactly a week later!  I found out that my new sister-in-law liked to make cakes.  Since I had never attempted I asked her if she would help me.  Since she is so kind she did and Hannelore loved the way the cake and the cupcakes turned out.  

grapes, strawberries, sandwiches, cheese, crackers, salad, cake, cupcakes

I got the plates and the cups from Walmart in the party section.  That is also where I got the candles for the cake.  

punch, water, carrots, pretzel sticks, cupcakes, cake, salad, sandwiches

The table cloth was actually a white sheet (twin sized) with a plastic white lace table cloth over it (which I got at Walmart). 

sandwiches, strawberries, cheese, crackers, grapes, cake, cupcakes, punch water, salad

Now on to the food.  I did not make as much food this year because last year I had a ton of leftovers from the Bubble Guppies birthday party.  I tried to make most of it kid friendly, but had to throw in a salad for the adults.  All of the food labels were printables as well.  

The menu

white chocolate dipped strawberries, frozen hearts, strawberries

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

sandwiches, we finish each other's sandwiches


carrots, pretzel sticks, Olaf's noses, Olaf's arms

Carrots with ranch dip and pretzel sticks

Coronation salad, Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad-I forgot to get a picture of the actual salad.  It was nothing special though.  Just a plain old Caesar salad. 

Sven's Snacks, crackers, grapes, cheese

Grapes, crackers, and cheese

ice water, melted snow

Ice Water-Again I forgot about a picture of the ice water, but nothing too crazy.

juice, punch, lemonade, Jello

Punch-Recipe provided here

Pin the nose on Olaf

We played one game right after eating.  It was Pin the Nose on Olaf.  Since I got 2 Olaf posters from my friend I just traced Olaf's nose on the poster and cut out orange colored noses.  The kids did not know what to think about putting the noses on while being blind folded.  It was a weird concept to grasp.  

Now the the big surprise.  Hannelore and the kids (okay who am I kidding...even adults) all freaked out when they saw the next surprise. 

Anna, The Snow Princess

When a special guest walked through the door.  Her face is priceless. 

Anna, The Snow Princess, warm hug

She got a warm hug right away!  She could not contain her excitement.  

The Snow Princess, Anna, coloring

Drawing pictures together.  

The Snow Princess, Anna, Bingo

  Playing bingo!

Anna, The Snow Princess, snow, magic

The Snow Princess, Anna, magic, snow

Learning how to make snow.  This part is something Hannelore will NOT stop talking about.  She loves making snow.  

Anna, The Snow Princess, dancing

The Snow Princess, Anna, dancing

The other kids jumped in a little after this picture was taken.  Hannelore loves to dance.  She did not have to be asked twice.  

Anna, The Snow Princess

The Snow Princess, Anna

She was so happy the whole time.  She still can't believe she came to HER party!  

I HAVE to to give you information for her if you want to have her come to your next party.  She was absolutely perfect for the kids.  She played the part better than I thought possible.  She did a Coronation Ceremony for Hannelore and made her a queen.  She played games and many other activities.  

Here is her information, if you live in Utah you should contact her because her prices are amazing and she did not skimp out on the service and the presentation!  She has different packages to meet everyone's needs.  

The Snow Princess
One last detail I always like to do for parties is have background music going.  My husband hooked up his phone to Google Play and played the Frozen soundtrack on repeat.  It worked out great.

cake, candles, happy birthday

Overall, I would say this party was a success.  This little girl loved all the attention she received.  She loved people singing Happy Birthday to her.  She loved the whole day.  She still talks about her party; to me that is a sign that the party was great!  

cupcakes, sandwiches, water, Jello juice, cake, crackers, grapes, salad

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Unknown said...

You did such a great job with this party!! I love the wreath!!

kaylynnczy said...

Seriously, the cutest. I love that Anna came!!

Brissa Christensen said...

What a fun party! I might have to do this for Jude!

Audra said...

You put so much love into this and it turned out GREAT!!

Shambray said...

Thank you! It was sure fun to have her there!

Shambray said...

You should!

Shambray said...

Thank you so much for that compliment!

hannah.bedin said...

A year older and a year wiser, yet your radiance PARTY
never fades nor withers. Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute and create birthday party decorations for your little one. Love it!

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