Sep 7, 2016

Have an Attitude You Can Be Proud Of Even Through Trials

service and faith

This post is written by my beautiful friend, Lori.  After I got done reading this post I was crying and my husband thought I was nuts.  She is so beautiful from the inside out and I hope to be like her one day! 

I had one of those fairy tale nights. I was 16 and I went to a youth dance. My parents were chaperoning and I danced all night with cute boys and my handsome father. One of mine and my dad’s favorite song even played that night. ("One Sweet Day" By Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men) It was perfect. I even went to bed that night thinking those words. "My life is perfect" also, "I want my life to stay like this forever".

The next morning, my older sister woke me up for church. The first thing she said to me was "Dad's been in a car accident." and she didn't know how bad it was. Getting ready for church was a blur, but I do remember some things vividly. I was outside going to do some chores (I lived on a ranch) and I just thought. "He's going to die." I was (and still am) a worrier and often thought the worst. But this time, I KNEW the worst. My dad was going to die.

My siblings and I went to church without my mom that morning. We only went to sacrament meeting and then we were told to go back home. I remember gathering in our living and my mom telling us my dad had died.

I don’t know exactly the cause of the wreck, but when my dad was on his way to an early morning church meeting for whatever reason he drove off the left side of the road and then over corrected and went off the right side of the road and ran into a ditch. His airbag didn't go off and his truck caught on fire. Luckily some fisherman saw the crash and cut him out and proceeded to call 911. Soon, a helicopter came to life flight him to the hospital. Something went wrong when it got there and it wouldn't start back up again. Another helicopter was called that took my dad to the hospital but he died before he got there.

Faith and service


Anonymous said...

I was Lori's Home Teacher when she was small. Her Dad, Kent Cook, was my Bishop and he was the most amazing, gentle man I ever knew. When I refer to someone who is a special person I say, he or she is "Kent Cook" good............... said...

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