Apr 11, 2017

Movies that Teach Lessons: 4 Movies that teach kids about potential and self reliance

Movies that Teach Lessons
Kids can learn some terrible things from TV and movies.  It is scary the things they learn from them and some times I don't even realize that a movie is as bad as it is.  Is that bad to admit?  Please don't judge me.

Thankfully I have been lucky with the shows that I watch and my daughter is pretty nervous when it comes to movies or TV shows.  There have still been some that I have had to filter, but there are plenty that I have found that work for both of us.

With that said, I wanted to find some movies that teach lessons on potential and self reliance.  I searched for some good ones.  There are quite a few, but I narrowed it down to 4 really good ones.

This post contains affiliate links.  This means that if a purchase is made after you click on some of the links below then I get a very small commission.  Please know that I would NEVER recommend anything that I don't entirely love. 

Movies that Teach Lessons
I LOVE this movie.  This year for the Young Women's group that I am a leader in we did the kickoff event (New Beginnings) with an UP theme.  There are so many awesome lessons to be learned from this movie!  I seriously love it.  The reason why I picked this one is because it doesn't matter how old you are, what is stopping you, or whatever other reason you give yourself....you can always realize a dream! 

Movies that Teach Lessons
This movie and book are my FAVORITE.  Well at least one of my favorites.  I love how Charlotte shows Wilbur just how amazing he truly is.  One of my favorite quotes is "No, my webs were no miracle, Wilber.  I was only describing what I saw.  The miracle was you."  This is the type of potential I want my daughters to see in themselves.  Every child deserves to know that they are miracles and have such amazing potential. 

Movies that Teach Lessons
This movie might make the kids laugh, but there are some great lessons in this movie.  One of the best is that everyone has talents and nobody is ordinary.  We are all unique and we all need to work hard to enhance our talents.  That encompasses both self reliance and potential.  The big thing is believing in ourselves and doing the work it takes to become the people we are meant to be.

Movies that Teach Lessons
This movie is so perfect to teach both values!  She is a daughter of a king!  She just needs to realize it!  Also, she is very self reliant when she leaves the tower.  She finds her courage and utilizes all her resources to get to where she wants to go!

I hope you can help teach your kids the importance of having self reliance and try to constantly reach their true potential.

Movies that Teach Lessons

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Once again, my basis for choosing values each month comes from the book, Teaching Your Children Values.  (This link is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase something after clicking on this link I will be paid a very small commission.  However, my love for this book started way before this post was written.) 

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