May 23, 2017

Picture Books That Teach Self Discipline & Moderation

Picture books that teach self discipline and moderation
I have said this before, but finding good resources to teach both self-discipline AND/OR moderation has been hard.  There are some pretty good ones about self-discipline, but moderation has been the toughest one.  It is sad, because the truth is that our society in general doesn’t believe in moderation.

We can see it in all we do and say.  We don't buy one shirt.  We buy one of every color.  We don't just get a main course; we eat it all.  We tend to be on our phones to much,  TV's too much, social media too much.  I am guilty of it.  It is sad that there are little resources when it comes to picture books that teach kids about these values.  

However, I have found some good picture books that teach self discipline and moderation.  It took some digging, but I found them.  I am happy with them and I am excited to share them with you.  Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as me. 
Picture Books that teach self discipline and moderation

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Picture Books That Teach Self Discipline & Moderation

This book was cute and I would have to say my daughter's favorite.  She said she liked them all and I believe she did, BUT this one kept her eyes glued the whole time.  It is a great book to show kids what the consequences are if you don't have enough self-discipline.  It shows the main character, Lilly, not have self-discipline two times.  One time the teacher gives the consequence and the second time is more of an internal consequence.  I really liked this one. 

Picture Books That Teach Self Discipline & Moderation

I almost didn't include this one in the the list, but I decided it was a good book to help kids understand that self-discipline can help you reach goals far into the future.  That is hard for kids to understand and this book does a great job of showing it. 

Picture Books That Teach Self Discipline & Moderation

Oh you guys, this one is so good if you have a child that has a hard time having self-discipline over their actions when they get mad.  It shows one way the child can react and it shows another more healthy way to react.  Although, I don't love that the little girl runs to help her feel better (I don't want my daughters doing that), I still had a fantastic talk with my daughters about things they could do instead.  It was great!

Picture Books That Teach Self Discipline & Moderation

This is a good one.  I was actually surprised to see how scared my daughter was.  She said at the end, "THAT IS WHY YOU LISTEN TO YOUR MOM!"  I wanted to give Beatrix Potter a high five for writing this book at that very moment.  It's so true.  Poor Peter Rabbit didn't have the self-discipline to listen to his mom as soon as she was out of sight.  I wonder if he does from that moment on!? 


Picture Books That Teach Self Discipline & Moderation

This one was so good for my little family.  We aren't a huge junk food family, but we can do better FOR SURE!  So it came at a good time to explain the reasons why we don't eat junk food.  Or at least we need to monitor the amount of junk food we do eat.  I thought it explained it really well and showed things that happen when you eat to much junk food and things that happen when you don't eat junk food.  

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