Jul 12, 2017

Family Home Evening Ideas on Loyalty & Dependability

Family Home Evening Ideas on Loyalty & Dependability
Coming up with Family Home Evening lessons that are about deeper topics or in this case values can be tricky with little kids.  I want to get my point across, but not take too much time doing it.  I also like to try and simplify the topics as much as I can.  

I found 5 great Family Home Evening ideas on loyalty and dependability.  I plan to use the basic outline of all of these, but adjust it where I need to for my girls.  I like the basic outline and the ideas with each of these lessons.  

I didn't find a lot on dependability, but I found one specific to dependability.  I like the ones that talk about being loyal to the lord, but I also like pointing out there are many ways to be loyal to all those around us.  P.S. Ruth and Naomi come up a lot in these lessons.  I like that though, because it shows the importance of a value in an actual scripture story. 

Family Home Evening Ideas on Loyalty & Dependability

Scripture Heroes: Ruth & Naomi

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Once again, my basis for choosing values each month comes from the book, Teaching Your Children Values.  (This link is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase something after clicking on this link I will be paid a very small commission.  However, my love for this book started way before this post was written.) 

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