Sep 13, 2017

Movies That Teach Kids About Love

Movies That Teach Kids About Love
Do your kids like to sit down and watch movies?  Here is my problem with movies and my girls.  My oldest gets scared so EASY!  I'm talking about Finding Nemo scares her.  Then my youngest has the attention span of, well a two year old, so she doesn't stick around long unless it is really engaging or the music is good.  

I found two movies that teach kids about love that were really good for both my girls.  One involves animals and both of my girls are currently OBSESSED with animals.  The other one has such good songs that both my girls love it.  I'm sure you won't know the songs from one of these movies (BIG WINK). 
Movies That Teach Kids About Love

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Movies That Teach Kids About Love

This one brings back so many memories from my childhood.  I love it not just for the love scene that involved the spaghetti noodle, but I also love how Tramp at the first really doesn't have a purpose in life.  He just goes day by day with no purpose.  Then when he meets Lady he becomes more fulfilled.  He, in a way, reaches his highest potential.  That is what love does.  It doesn't have to be romantic love, but really any kind of love.  We want to be a better person for the person we love and the person we love should constantly help us to be a better person too.  

Movies That Teach Kids About Love

Of course this one made my list because lets be honest...I had to, because this movie shows that the love between sisters is magic.  I have two girls so it just seemed fitting.  This movie shows that a bond between sisters in unconditional.  No matter what Elsa does to Anna (shut her out, freeze her heart, etc) Anna NEVER gives up on her.  She always loves her.  In the end their love for each other is what heals a frozen heart.  I must add that the line where Olaf tells Anna, "Some people are worth melting for" is also a display of love.  So there isn't just a sisterly love.  Again, this can be used on so many levels, but for my little family it was the perfect fit.

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