28 Ways To Be Happier1

4.  Exercise: This is so important.  Physical health corresponds with mental health.  It is hard to be truly happy if you do not feel good because you never exercise.  Exercise releases natural endorphin's that make you feel better.  Do not skip this step.  It is so important. 

 5.  Go to bed early: Just like #4 we need to take care of our physical body if we want our mental state to be healthy as well.  Make sure you get enough sleep.  This means at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  It is really hard to not be cranky when your body is running on "empty" all day. 
28 Ways To Be Happier
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6.  Do things that you enjoyed as a child: When we were children we did not do things out of necessity.  Our parents took care of that for us.  We did things because we enjoyed them.  Then when we grow up we let those things go because of many reasons.  Some of those reasons are because we do not have time, we have more important things to do, or we are not good at it.  Go blow bubbles, play with Transformers, color in a coloring book, sing at the top of lungs in your room, whatever it was you enjoyed as a child, do it now.  
7.  Set reminders: If you need to set reminders to help you remember to exercise then do it.  If you need to set a reminder to help you remember to do things you enjoyed as a child, then do it.  Go to bed earlier, then do it.  Set a reminder for anything that you need help remembering.  

8.  Laugh everyday:  Do whatever you need to do to laugh.  It might be watching a funny TV show.  It might be reading jokes.  It might be listening to a certain talk show host on the radio.  Whatever will help you laugh, do it.  It is important. 

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