The Ultimate Gift Guide for a 4 Year Old Girl1

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  I bought each of these items personally without making a cent on them so I truly use and recommend them. 
Stocking Stuffers:

They also get a book in their stocking too.  Books are a must in this house.  This book is also great to keep learning her individual words. 
Something to read

I always give them something smaller to play with too.  This year Hannelore is really into these Little Kingdom fashions.  This is a great toy for a stocking because it is little and inexpensive.  
Something to play with for stocking stuffer

I always put something in their stocking that can help them learn as well.  This year Hannelore knows all her letters and numbers.  She has even learned to read.  So I thought something to do with addition would be great.  I got this Melissa and Doug Addition Mat from Hollar, along with the crayons to go with it.  Hollar is AMAZING.  The deals they have on there are so amazing.  I suggest to check out Hollar and see if there is something you can give that is in the learning category.  At this moment they not longer have the addition mats, but that doesn't mean they won't get them later.  There is a bundle at Target you can get that has this mat in it.  I have linked that bundle below.  
Something to learn as a stocking stuffer

We are creators in this house and I love seeing what my girls come up with when I give them a craft.  So this year Hannelore is getting a carriage that she can decorate and paint how she likes.  Again I got this on Hollar!  Again at this moment that is no longer available, but there are other craft kits from Melissa and Doug.  So check out Hollar and look around or search for Melissa and Doug products.  There is a bundle on Amazon that includes this.  So I linked it below. 
Something to create as a stocking stuffer

Every year they get one special treat in their stocking.  I am not sure what it will be this year.  Last year it was a PEZ dispenser.  This year I am thinking some sort of chocolate. 

Since we go to church once a week we get good use out of our church activities.  So I want to add a new activity book to her church bag.  
Something to use as a stocking stuffer

Hannelore already has a pink dance skirt, but since she loves ballet so much and is there every week I thought I would get her a black one to switch things up a bit.  
Something to wear for a stocking stuffer

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