Jun 4, 2015

4th of July/Patriotic Wreath

burlap, denim, patriotic, independence day
Only one month until the 4th of July.  I don't know what it is about the 4th, but I love it.  I love spending time with family.  I love fireworks, being outside, and all the festivities.  We have started decorating for the 4th around here and I had to show my newest addition to my 4th of July decor.  

It is a burlap and denim wreath and I love it.  I followed the tutorial found on this blog I got inspiration from.  It was a pretty simple wreath to put together.  Check out my details/breakdown for what I did different, time it took, and cost.  

denim, burlap, Independence Day, 4th of July

Things I did different:
  1. I did not wrap the wreath in ribbon.  The burlap and denim cover it up just perfectly.  So I skipped that step to save time and materials.
  2. I used red burlap instead of spray painting white burlap.  However, if you only have white then spray painting is a fantastic option.  (I had a ton of red left over from a table runner I made a couple years ago)
  3. The only other difference is that my ruffles are pointing down on mine and in the tutorial they are pointing up.  That is completely a preference thing. 

Time it took:  

This wreath will take about 3-4 hours from start to finish.  Like I said in the beginning it is very simple, but is quite time consuming.  The step that takes the most is hand-stitching the fabric strips.  However, gluing the fabric to the wreath and gluing the buttons on is very, very quick.  

Independence Day, burlap, denim

Cost breakdown:
  • Straw wreath: $2 (with a coupon)
  • Burlap (I had both colors on hand.  So for me it was free.  I used about 16 feet of each burlap color.  Again this isn't continuous...like it says in the tutorial.  This is also pre-ruffles.)
  • Denim: $4 (I bought a half a yard.  You need a little less than 4 feet of denim.  Like the tutorial said it doesn't have to be continuous.)
  • Crochet Thread: $2
  • Buttons: $3 (I had white buttons, but I ended up buying a big pack of them so I could get variety.  Now I have tons left over for my next project)
  • Total cost for me: $11
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A GAL NEEDS... said...

This is adorable and I'm featuring it on my #MotivatingMonday linky! I'll tweet you about it! Thanks so much for sharing this DIY tutorial!

Shambray said...

Did you ever send the tweet?!

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