Oct 2, 2015

A tip to myself on how to be a better mom & October Energy Quote

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This quote is so wonderful.  It is so easy to go through life without even thinking about the energy we are putting into our life.  It is easy for us to blame our frantic life on many things and never think about what WE possibly could be doing to increase the likelihood of living a frantic life.  

We have an easy time looking at other's peaceful lives and feeling like they are so lucky to have it so easy.  When we don't think that possibly the person might be peaceful therefore the outcome is a peaceful life.  The energy we put into things usually has something to do with the outcome.  

I am the type of person that really likes structure in my life.  I love schedules and when things do not go as scheduled, I panic.  The panic does not help anything.  Then life becomes frantic.  

This happened just yesterday.  I had a lot of work to do and I had things planned out.  My sweet baby had other plans and she was really fussy all day long.  Instead of calming down and just accepting it I started panicking.  That made Isla even more fussy.  Then I started taking it out on Hannelore.  

This story is not something I am proud of, but it is how I tend to react naturally.  I really need to be mindful of the energy I am putting into my home.  When I panic then my whole family is on pins and needles and life starts spiraling out of control.  I am hoping my goals for this month will help me be more mindful of how my reactions affect my life and my family's life.  

I want to have more days of accepting my sweet baby throwing a wrench in my schedule.  I won't always get to hold her and cuddle her.  Those days go by way too quickly so I plan on enjoying the chaos that comes with being a young mother and showing my kids that they are part of my happiness.  They help me experience true joy.  I love them and I want them to feel that in the way I react and the energy that is in the home.

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Mia Hein said...

I love that quote! It is so perfect for this stage of life where we have so much to do as mothers. Thanks for sharing.

Shambray said...

I am so glad you liked the quote. I agree. Life can easily be frantic. :)

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