Oct 14, 2017

Family Home Evening Lesson Ideas about Sensitivity and Unselfishness

Family Home Evening Lesson Ideas about Sensitivity and Unselfishness
This makes me sad to even write, but it was VERY hard to find Family Home Evening Lesson Ideas about Sensitivity and Unselfishness.  Our world is FILLED with people that do not care about the feelings of others and sadly we have become a pretty self-centered people.  If there are things that need to be taught in the home these would be two great values to start with. 

Do you want to hear another sad truth?  My girls struggle with this so much.  Just today I talked to Hannelore about how she isn't being very sensitive to her sister's feelings.  I know she is only five, but in the same breath I say SHE IS FIVE.  She needs to START trying a little harder.  I'm not saying she will be perfect. 

Actually studies have shown that under age 8 it is actually not 100% possible for kids to develop sensitivity.  I try to be a little understanding in her lack of ability (not always successful), but that doesn't mean I don't try and role play and talk about different things to make baby steps.

So maybe one day...when life slows down I will make up some great FHE lessons on these two topics, but this year I have just been curating great lesson ideas not creating them.  For this month I had to think a little bit outside of the box.  I think they fit will, but when you teach them just try and adjust the lessons where needed to really teach the values of sensitivity and unselfishness. 
Family Home Evening Lesson Ideas about Sensitivity and Unselfishness

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