Jan 22, 2019

Storage Tips for Your Home

Storage Tips for Your Home
Have you ever made these excuses?  My house is too small to have organized storage space.  I have too many weird shaped things to have organized storage.  I need to have a ton of money to get storage containers if I want an organized house. Have you said any of these things? 

I have posted some quotes on storage tips from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  I have put Marie Kondo's quotes in quotation marks, anything outside of quotation marks is my own words.

"I have only two rules: store all items of the same type in the same place and don't scatter storage space.

If you have already been selecting what to keep on the basis of what speaks to your heart, then you will understand what I mean because you have already collected items by category, spread them out in one spot, and held them in your hand to make your decision. The work you have been doing has actually honed your ability to sense what belongs together and to choose appropriate places for storing them."

Marie Kondo goes on to talk about storing based off of frequency of use.

"I use only two categories for frequency of use: things that I use often and things I don't.

Take the contents of a drawer, for example. You will naturally start keeping the things you use less in the back of the drawer and those you use more in the front. There is no need to decide this when you first lay our your storage space. When you are choosing what to keep, ask your heart; when you are choosing where to store something, ask your house. If you remember to do this, you will instinctively know how to proceed with organizing and storing your things."

It doesn't need to be complicated. Like she said it will come naturally.

Let's talk about how its best not to pile things...I mean lets be honest. Who wants to put back something that is on the bottom of the pile. No one!  Clutter will start to form if things are too hard to put back.  So let's see what Marie Kondo has to say about vertical storage. 
"I store every item vertically if possible, including clothes, which I fold and stand on edge in my drawers, and stockings, which I roll up and stand in a box. The same is true for stationary and writing tools: whether boxes of staples, measuring tapes, or erasers, I stand them on edge. I even store my laptop in the bookcase as if it were indeed a notebook. If you have storage space that should be sufficient yet falls short, try standing things vertically. You'll find that this solves most problems.
I store things vertically for two reasons. First, if you stack things, you end up with what seems like inexhaustible storage space. Things can be stacked forever and endlessly on top, which makes it harder to notice the increasing volume. In contrast, when things are stored vertically, any increase takes up space and you will eventually run out of storage area. When you do, you'll notice, 'Ah, I'm starting to accumulate stuff again.'
The other reason is this: STACKING IS VERY HARD ON THE THINGS ON BOTTOM. When things are piled on top of one another, the things underneath get squished. Stacking weakens and exhausts the things that bear the weight of the pile. Just imagine how you would feel if you were forced to carry a heavy load for hours. Not only that, but the things in the pile virtually disappear because we forget that they even exist."

Storage Tips for Your Home
This is my playroom in the closet.  Nothing fancy, but my girls have changed toys 3 times since I did the challenge so buying bins specifically for certain toys just doesn't make sense.  Use what you have.
I am really passionate about this next thing. I have talked to so many people who say that getting organized is expensive. They worry about spending $100s on storage containers. I am HUGE on looking around my house and seeing what works first. No it might not be AS pretty, but it is functional and FREE.
I especially like doing this with kid toys, because those are rotated as kids grow and want different toys. That way you can change up the containers easily.
The number one container I use are shoe boxes. I use these in my girls' playroom ALL THE TIME.

Uses for various containers:

Shoe box:
-Store shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, detergents, or other house hold cleaning products
-Garbage bags

Lid of shoe box:
-Cooking oils

Extra plastic food containers:
-Small items in kitchen
-Bath toys-I have 3 in my bathroom for this purpose

"Large cardboard boxes or electrical appliance boxes, however, are too big for storage dividers, inconvenient for other types of storage, and just plain ugly. Please get rid of them. Whenever you come across likely storage boxes while you are cleaning and sorting your belongings, set them aside and in one spot until you are ready to start storing. Be sure to discard or recycle any that are left once your house is in order. NEVER HANG ON TO THEM IN THE BELIEF THAT YOU MIGHT USE THEM SOMEDAY.
I don't recommend using round, heart-shaped, or irregularly shaped containers as dividers because they usually waste space. However if a particular box gives you a thrill when you hold it, that's different....Hair accessories, cotton swabs, or sewing supplies might work in them."

Let's see what she says about bags...I love this storage idea.
"The best way to store purses, handbags, and other bags is to make sets according to the material, size, and frequency of use and to store them one inside the other, like nested boxes. All straps and handles should be left in plain view. If the handbag used for storage came in a bag, you can store the set in that. Line up these sets in your closet or wardrobe where you can see them."

If you are like me and like to label everything to easily find things and put things back then I have a bunch of blog posts for you.  You can get all these labels for free on my blog.  Check out which ones I have below. 

This is just a reminder that when we get rid of things then we can have more joy. BUT remember to take care of the things you have. If you do they will last longer and your home will also be less cluttered. Win-Win!

Don't make organization hard by over complicating the storing process.  Check out these easy storage tips for your home.

Some of these links contain affiliate links which means if you purchase after clicking on the link I will receive a very small commission. I wholeheartedly recommend these items and commission would never sway me to recommend something I could not stand behind.

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